A Life Skills Center Shining Moment

A Life Skills Center Shining Moment June 16, 2022 1:03 pm

The Life Skills team was pleasantly reacquainted with this familiar participant during a recent trip to the Brookdale Community College Job Fair.

Community partner Seabrook Senior Living had nothing but praise for their star employee Lutencia, a hard-working assistant, among some of the initial participants in the Life Skills Program.

Lutencia, one of the first ESL students in coach Millie Diaz’s class, completely turned her life around by dedicating herself to English language studies in the hope of improving her employment skills. Not only did she improve her English skills, Lutencia went on to receive her US citizenship and eventually gained the necessary employment expertise to impress the Seabrook recruiters. Now she is a valued member of their team, according to the company’s health service recruiter.

And by learning how to budget her finances, Lutencia saved enough salary to purchase a new home, and also is committed to studying for her nurse practitioner license, as well as volunteering for non-profit MDCC5 to help the organization in its efforts to improve the healthcare and infrastructure for members of her beloved Haitian community.

Congratulations to Lutencia and Millie! Another home run for Life Skills and Lunch Break!

To help Lunch Break bring about positive change for more community members struggling with financial and food insecurity, please consider donating to our Renew the Promise of Hope Capital Campaign to expand our existing building. For more information, contact Development Manager Jill Gwydir-Govel, jgwydir@lunchbreak.org, (732) 747-8577, Ext. 3107.

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