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Outbound Meal and Delivery Services February 3, 2021 4:15 pm

In addition to our on-site grab-and-go meal program and Client Choice pantry, Lunch Break provides outreach services and meals at locations throughout Monmouth County. Among them:

Pilgrim Baptist Church whenever a Code Blue has been issued. (Monday & Tuesday only -10 meals each night)

Boys & Girls Club of Monmouth County for students who are using Zoom learning. (40 meals per day, Monday-Friday)

Bethel Community Church in Neptune every third Wednesday of the month for the Asbury homeless outreach feeding program.(25 meals per month)

Pan American motel meal delivery for residents; 85-90 meals per distribution.(twice weekly, Monday & Thursday)

Homebound meal delivery to Red Bank, Middletown and Monmouth Beach.

We appreciate YOUR help in continuing our on-site and outreach services.

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