Chef Tyrone Burr May 12, 2020 12:33 pm

Culinary Director Tyrone Burr is not only the masterful man behind all of Lunch Break’s fabulous meals, he is the calm in the kitchen, always there to make something out of donations, and all of it fabulous. And that’s not just for special dinners, that’s every day, even during these times of uncertainty.

He plans nutritionally balanced weekly menus, using provisions and ingredients received from generous supporters and our food suppliers. He’d even give Chef Bobby Flay of the Food Network a rival with his “Throwdown” challenge! Chef is so humble, deferring accolades to the work of his team — Dave and Tammy. But Tyrone deserves much credit. He gives selflessly and his concern for Lunch Break family members is evident in his nurturing.

Thank you, Tyrone, for giving us all sustenance. Now, what about that meatball recipe?!!

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