Family Promise providing hope to families

May 10, 2023 1:39 pm

Theresa Krus and partner Michael Keuper faced a terrible dilemma: either pay the rent on their Middletown apartment or pay her mother’s health care bills. They opted to help her mom, and soon were evicted and thrust, with their three children, into a four-year odyssey of homelessness. Spending whole paychecks on various motel rooms across eastern Monmouth, some so crowded their youngest child had to sleep on the floor, the family lived on a razor’s-edge, even though both parents worked full time.

Last May, they learned about Family Promise. Staff members there placed the family in a temporary shelter, and in nine months Theresa and Michael were able to save more than $11,000, and vastly improve their credit scores. Now, this resilient family is back in hometown Middletown, renting a three-bedroom house at $2,500 a month. Theresa and Michael are proud to share their story to give hope to others in seemingly hopeless circumstances.

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