Finances and You

August 30, 2023 12:00 pm

“Finances and You,” the latest offering from Lunch Break’s Womyn’s Worth Speaker Series is helping community members establish financial goals. Faith Edwards, the Sept. 13th speaker, is the founder and president of 3Merge LLC, a non-profit focusing on bringing awareness to challenges minorities face in leadership positions and teaching financial literacy. Participants are invited to join either in person or via a Zoom link.

Faith Edwards has a wealth of finance and case management experience and this is what prompted her to enter the field of financial literacy. While working with an underserved population, she discovered how common it was that urban consumers are not taught the basics about building credit, budgeting, savings, and the responsibilities that come along with it. After her own struggles, Faith decided to teach people this important skill set so they are better equipped to navigate financial challenges. To register, click here!

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