Glenn Garden Renewing the Promise of Hope

July 14, 2022 12:00 pm

Lunch Break staff and volunteers spent a recent sunny afternoon visiting Glenn Garden in Rumson. The good folks at Glenn have been longtime supporters of our mission, sending frequent donations of fresh produce, including kale, lettuce, white turnips, sorrel and collard greens. All of which, our community members in need appreciate and enjoy! Glenn Garden is a partner in our Nutrition Initiative to offer more healthy Client Choice pantry options for our neighbors in need, many of whom must live with debilitating conditions. It’s among the ways we’re helping our neighbors prevent disease and restore their well-being. If you’d like to donate to the Capital Campaign “Renew the Promise of Hope” building project already under way.

Your contribution — no matter the amount — will go toward our new community center, providing expanded kitchen, dining and warehouse space, as well as much-needed room for new and existing programs. Thank YOU for investing in the future of your wonderful community!

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