Heidi’s Handmade Masks Raise Funds For Families

Heidi’s Handmade Masks Raise Funds For Families August 24, 2020 12:09 pm

Meet Heidi Magenheimer.

This very generous and kind hearted soul has been donating to Lunch Break weekly since the pandemic started. Heidi has been making cloth masks and selling them for money to donate to Lunch Break or in exchange for food or diapers. She says making the masks and helping the community through Lunch Break has been keeping her spirits up during this trying time. She is now making children’s masks for the Back to School drive. She dropped off this packed carload of groceries and diapers today.

Heidi, you are the epitome of love and selflessness! On behalf of all those we serve, thank you and a big, big hug!

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