Help feed our families by making a “Souper Bowl” gift today

Help feed our families by making a "Souper Bowl" gift today February 9, 2022 2:00 pm

Hunger isn’t a game to thousands of our neighbors in need. Many are forced to choose between feeding their families or paying for life’s other necessities. In 2021, we served more than 89,000 meals and provided 19,412 pantry pickups, as the cost of groceries surged 6.5% in the last year.

Help feed our families by making a “Souper Bowl” gift today. Rally your family, friends and colleagues to make a “team” gift or start your own fundraiser. Please share this to support Team Lunch Break. Thank you! Click the link to donate now.

In no case do not ask a girl the question: “Can I meet you?” He shifts the adultsearch responsibility for dating from a man to a woman. And not a single representative of the weaker sex needs this. When girls list what qualities they want to see in men, they always (!) put responsibility in the first places.

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