Life Skills Program


The goal of the Life Skills Program is to provide the appropriate and relevant training which will allow our participants to acquire and maintain meaningful employment while improving future career prospects. The program partners with local businesses to identify and fill appropriate job opportunities that will benefit both participant and employer.


Life Skills Program

Services Provided

-Resume and Cover Letters
-GED Prep Referrals
-Interview Skills
-Communication / Public Speaking Skills
-Computer Skills
-Life and Goal Planning
-Household / Personal Budgeting
-Credit and Financial Counseling
-Legal Referrals
-Immigration Referrals
-Application Assistance
-Many other basic survival skills


What you can expect from your Life Skills Coach:

-We will always treat you in a respectful manner
-Safeguard the information you share and maintain a high degree of confidentiality
-To the best of their ability, communicate accurate and relevant information
-Not impose their personal values on participants
-Promote the welfare of participants by helping them achieve their personal goals
-Provide sincere and straightforward feedback and follow up in a timely fashion

What your coach will expect from you:

-You should treat coaches in a respectful manner
-Be punctual for your appointment
-Communicate with your coach if you need to change or reschedule an appointment
-Be engaged in creating an honest and collaborative plan to achieve defined goals
-Demonstrate follow up based on agreed next steps

If you have any questions, please contact Life Skills Coordinator, Marissa Blair at 732 747 8577 ext. 3302.


Womyn’s Worth Mentorship Program

A program designed to holistically assist womyn with the necessary tools and life skills so they can create positive opportunities for their lives as well as their children and families. This program seeks to provide financial, emotional, physical and spiritual empowerment.

Womyn’s Worth is a vehicle for women to obtain confidence, strategies, and plans to move into next level living. It has moved from support group into the use of a program called SKY (Self-Knowledge You-niversity). SKY, created by Melia Bloom, is a program providing life coaching and tools for growth. It is currently accompanied by expressive writing and mindfulness exercises. These partner organizations give the women the ability to install the new behaviors as well as express the challenges of the past and hope for the future through writing. This year we will add a financial literacy/credit worthiness component through a new partner.

Pamela Major, founder of Melia Bloom, provides oversight of the program scheduling preview talks with program service providers (including herself) to give potential program participants a view of what the program can give to the participant.

From August through November, the speakers/trainers provide one workshop per month. In December, a roundtable discussion occurs allowing participants to ask questions, follow up from previous workshops, ask any program questions, and receive the schedule for the five-month program.


Wednesday, August 9th at 6:30pm – Pamela Major presents Uniqueness of You
Wednesday, September 13th at 6:30pm – Faith Edwards presents Finances and You
Wednesday, October 11th at 6:30pm – Jennifer Chauhan, Executive Director of Project Write Now presents Writing and You
Wednesday, November 8th at 6:30pm – Dr. Carol Penn presents Movement, Mindfulness and You

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2024 PROGRAM (January through April)
January – Introductory session with Pamela Major and introduction to the assignments. Two sessions.
February – Balance of assignments and Q & A for the assignments. Two workshops.
March – Financial literacy workshop discussing credit and the road to credit worthiness and expressive writing workshop and how to use this practice to lower/release stress.
April – Mastermind facilitated by Pamela Major. One mindfulness exercise that helps participants use their projects (assignments) as a new part of their everyday lives. Program participants share their assignments.

For more information, contact Kevin McGee at (732) 747-8577 ext. 3017