Lunch Break & Bank of America Partners in Student Development

Alliance For Success Participants applied for the Bank of America Student Leaders Program April 12, 2022 11:44 am

Lunch Break Alliance For Success Program proudly announces several of our high school participants have applied to be considered for the Bank of America Student Leaders® program.

Since 2004, Bank of America Student Leaders® has been part of the ongoing commitment to youth employment and economic mobility. The Student Leaders® program helps prepare a diverse pipeline of community-minded young students for success in the workforce through leadership training and work experience.

Through the Student Leaders® program, the Bank of America annually connects more than 300 community-minded high school juniors and seniors from nearly 100 communities to employment, skills development and service.

The students hail from many diverse backgrounds, but are united by their drive and commitment. Through paid internships with local nonprofits and participation in a national leadership summit, they gain practical work and life experience.

Lunch Break’s partnership with corporations such as Bank of America is among the reasons why we can offer our students innovative programs focusing on self-development, leadership and community responsibility. We hope to prepare our youth to become contributing members to society. As we continue to enhance our youth programming, the $12 million Capital Campaign to expand Lunch Break’s facilities is now more vital than ever. We are scheduled to break ground for this highly-anticipated project on April 28th, and welcome the public to find out more about the new facility and how it will greatly impact Lunch Break’s ability to serve our most vulnerable community members. For information about “Renew the Promise of Hope” Capital Campaign.

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