Lunch Break Seeking Muralist for Inspiring & Inclusive Community Project

September 7, 2023 6:03 pm

Accepting Submissions Soon for Front of Building Mural!

This year we are celebrating our 40 year history of providing basic needs programs free of charge to our community. During this milestone year, we will open our newly renovated building! As part of the renovations, we are seeking proposals from experienced artists to create a vibrant and meaningful mural to be prominently displayed on the exterior wall of our new community center building at 121 Drs. James Parker Blvd. in Red Bank. The mural will serve as a powerful visual representation of our values and commitment to fostering a united and diverse community. Its theme should focus on a cohesive and inclusive community where everyone works together for the greater good.

Project Overview:

The purpose of this project is to transform a blank wall into a beautiful and engaging work of art that resonates with our diverse community members. The mural should evoke a sense of unity, belonging, collaboration and celebration while giving voice to the issues of those we serve in our community. It should inspire hope, understanding, generosity, compassion and respect, promoting an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusivity.

Theme and Vision:

The mural’s theme should center around the idea of “Cohesive, Inclusive and Supportive Community,” emphasizing the following elements:

1. Encompass these elements of the Lunch Break’s mission: Healthy meals, Open Hearts, Warm Home and Unlimited Potential.

2. A Memorial to Mrs. Norma Todd (our founder), a photo, quote, etc.

3. Celebrating Diversity: Showcase the various cultures, backgrounds, and identities that make up our community, promoting an atmosphere of acceptance and appreciation.

4. Collaboration and Togetherness: Illustrate people from different walks of life coming together to support and uplift each other, working hand in hand to support the Lunch Break mission.

5. Sense of Belonging: Create a welcoming atmosphere that instills a feeling of belonging for everyone who encounters the mural.

6. Inspirational and Positive: The mural should evoke positive emotions and inspire individuals to participate actively in building a stronger, more inclusive community. (Hope for Tomorrow)

7. Acknowledgement of the Struggle: The mural should give voice to the issues and struggles of those we serve.

Project Scope:

1. Mural Dimensions: The wall consists of 8 panels that are 48”w x 107”; overall size is 32’w x 8’11”h (drawing attached).

2. Location: The panels to be painted are located on the front exterior of the building facing the northeast corner.

3. Materials: High-quality, weather-resistant materials suitable for long-term outdoor display to be used.

4. Artistic Style: Artists are encouraged to demonstrate their unique styles while aligning with the overall theme and vision.

5. Timeline: The project is expected to be completed by April 2024, weather permitting.

Submission Guidelines:

Interested artists are requested to submit the following documents with their proposals:

1. Portfolio: A comprehensive portfolio showcasing no more than 10 digital images of previous work in this genre highlighting relevant themes and community-focused works. Images should be no more than 2 MB each and should be in JPEG format.

2. Concept Design: A detailed concept design of the proposed mural, including sketches, color schemes, and a written explanation of how it reflects the theme.

3. Budget: A comprehensive budget outlining all expenses, including materials, labor, and any additional on-going maintenance costs i.e. Sustentation Plan.

4. Timeline: A proposed timeline for the completion of the project, including key milestones.

5. References: Contact information for at least two references from previous mural projects.

6. Must include a Sustentation Plan.

Submission Deadline:

Proposals will be accepted electronically beginning Oct. 1, 2023 through Jan. 2, 2024. Submissions should be sent to JP Nicolaides at Late submissions will not be considered. Please contact JP for any clarifications or questions.

FAQ sessions are scheduled for Friday, Sept. 29th, 2023 at 8:30 a.m. and on Monday, Oct. 23rd, 2023 at 7:30 p.m. Please use the following link to register for FAQ sessions:

Selection Process:

The selection committee will evaluate proposals based on creativity, relevance to the theme, artistic merit, and the artist’s experience in community-engaged projects. Shortlisted artists will be invited for an interview to further discuss their proposals.

We thank our talented artists for their contributions.
We look forward to reviewing the proposals and working together to create a powerful and inspiring mural.

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