Schwartz Mazda to the Rescue Once Again! 

Schwartz Mazda to the Rescue Once Again!  October 28, 2020 4:35 pm

Thanks to our Director of Operations Chuck Watson and the good folks at Schwartz Mazda, our need for a new cargo van recently became reality. The Schwartz family, also instrumental in our acquisition of a refrigerated van last year, once again offered to help locate a hard-to-find cargo van in a national online auction. Thanks to Jay Schwartz and his affiliation with a dealership association, the deal was sealed: The association paid $15,000 and Lunch Break the remaining balance. Schwartz Mazda also assumed the acquisition and miscellaneous expenses.

The Schwartz family has been extremely generous throughout the years, volunteering to stuff Easter dinner pantry bags and assisting the breakfast and lunch crew on the third Saturday of the month. Indeed the Schwartz is with us! Thank you!

Pictured from left: Executive Director Gwendolyn Love; Maintenance Supervisor Wallace Woods; Board Member Trudy Parton; Jon and Jay Schwartz; and Director of Operations Chuck Watson.

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