Second Annual Artists Open Hearts for Lunch Break

April 14, 2021 9:27 am

Artists Open Hearts for Lunch Break
Online Art Auction
April 30th-May 9th, 2021

“Twilight Run,” by David Banegas, is among the many works of art offered for bid as part of Lunch Break’s second annual online Artists Open Hearts for Lunch Break fundraiser April 30th-May 9th, 2021. The fundraiser helps to provide food security for so many of our neighbors who are struggling with financial burdens. Last year we raised more than $25,000 through the generosity of our talented arts community.

Bolivian-born visual artist David Banegas began his artistic journey at a young age. At a mere 11 years old he had his first art gallery showing in Campo Grande, Brazil. Self-portraits and images in their actual likeness were his main focus.

“My technique is something that happens at the moment, it flows, I can’t explain it. It is just that moment. It is the art that God gives you, it is an unbelievable feeling.”

Proceeds from the auction will benefit Lunch Break. Bidding and previews begin April 20th. For information, contact Development Manager Jill Govel-Gwydir at (732) 747-8577, Ext. 3107. Thank you for your support!

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