Shout Out to a Supporter That “Gets It”

Shout Out to a Supporter That “Gets It” July 15, 2020 9:03 am

When the COVID-19 crisis hit in March, organizations like ours immediately began seeing a spike in requests for food assistance and wondered how we’d be able to meet the swelling demand. Luckily, there are community partners such as Acme Foundation who immediately understood that, for millions of people across the nation, the crisis brought layoffs and financial implications at home.

Acme Foundation’s Nourishing Neighbors Community Relief Initiative addresses this demand head-on. It was launched with a $53 million company donation and has since raised millions to help organizations like Lunch Break address COVID-19 hunger locally.

We’re thrilled to receive a generous grant from this Initiative to Help Feed Children and Families during Summer and want to thank Acme Foundation and all the wonderful customers who donated to the campaign. We’ll use the grant to help with our grab-and-go meal service and to stock up our pantry with nutritious groceries for the increasing number of individuals, senior citizens, disabled community members and families who are struggling financially.

All funds from the Nourishing Neighbors Initiative provide the following critical support to food banks and other organizations on the front line of hunger relief: 

  • Help keep food banks stocked so they can respond to increased demand 
  • Support emergency meal distribution programs at schools 
  • Support senior centers and other programs that supply meals and food to seniors Our sincere thanks to the folks at Acme Foundation for understanding the need — and meeting it.

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