The Alliance For Success Program

The Alliance For Success Program January 27, 2022 12:51 pm

Helping students build a solid foundation for the future.

Alliance For Success (AFS), which targets at-risk high school juniors and seniors, is among the new programs offered at Lunch Break. Most of the students enrolled in AFS lack a clear path to a living-wage career after graduation because of limited resources. These high school juniors and seniors need guidance and AFS targets their individual needs, through workshops led by professionals in life and goal-setting, career and college readiness, financial literacy, as well as social-emotional learning support. The objective is to prepare participants for college or a career after graduation which, eventually, will lead to meaningful employment and financial security.

Benefit to society

An educated citizenry is less of a burden on social services, and does not rely as much on funding from federal and state governments for assistance. The community at large benefits greatly from having more college graduates leading productive lives and contributing their talents to society.

Help For Today … Hope For Tomorrow

As more students are accepted to the AFS program, the need for space to accommodate individual training and workshops becomes paramount. Hence, it was the foresight of the Board of Trustees and management to launch a $12 million Capital Campaign “Renew the Promise of Hope” in 2020 to raise funds for an expansion to the present building and secure an endowment for ongoing operations. The site plan, prepared by architects Kellenyi Johnson Wagner, will increase the size of the building’s footprint to accommodate a loading dock, community gathering space, more food storage capacity, and a permanent home for its Life Skills Center. The ground-breaking is planned for April 2022.

For information on the Capital Campaign.

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