The Family Promise Program

June 7, 2023 12:00 pm

Senior citizens are flooding homeless shelters, according to a Washington Post report. They have more specialized health needs and oftentimes shelters are ill equipped to handle many of their issues. The Post reports: Nearly a quarter of a million people 55 or older are estimated by the government to have been homeless in the United States during at least part of 2019, the most recent reliable federal count available. They represent a particularly vulnerable segment of the 70 million Americans born after World War II known as the baby boom generation, the youngest of whom turn 59 this year.

Unfortunately this article points to a growing problem within communities which cities and municipalities may be forced to eventually address.

At Lunch Break, we’re helping our families find housing solutions every day. Our Family Promise Program is experiencing an unprecedented demand for housing. In 2022, we served 62 homeless families, representing 80 adults and 124 children under the age of 18.

Family Promise offers families a real chance to break the cycle of poverty. On average, 90 percent of the families served in the shelter program secure housing. Families stay housed because of the depth of services, including case management, and community support available.

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