We Made Our Goal!

We Made Our Goal! December 1, 2021 12:06 pm

The “star rating” of most of the hotels on the island corresponds to the declared category, the hotels are distinguished by a high level of service and a wide range of services. At the same time, they are focused on guests with a wide variety of income levels, so finding a budget room, if desired, will not be difficult. Thus, the average cost of living in a 3 * hotel in a popular resort is 50-80 EUR per day. Luxurious, like on postcards, rest in a 5 * hotel will cost 2000 EUR and more. Intermediary sites offer other accommodation options: hostels (25-30 EUR), apartments (30-50 EUR), houses and villas (200-400 EUR). “Guagua” – Tenerife restaurants – connect the island resorts with most tourist destinations, transport services are provided by TITSA. The cost of one trip varies from 1.45 to 6 EUR depending on the destination. A find for the thrifty is the Ten + card, which allows you to save on travel from 30 to 50%. It costs 2 EUR and is sold at bus stations and retail outlets with a round green badge. There are such kiosks, including at airports. Using BonaVia is simple: tell the bus driver your destination and he will deduct the required amount from the account. Prices on the page are for August 2021. You cannot buy a BonaVia card in the transport itself, but a one-time trip is easy. It is only better to take care of paying for the fare in advance, because according to the existing rules, the driver cannot accept a bill with a denomination of more than 20 EUR. BonaVia is also valid for travel by tram. The only rail route connects Santa Cruz de Tenerife and La Laguna. The official taxi stands out in the general traffic in white and a green checker on the roof. Rates are slightly higher at night, weekends and holidays. Moving around hilly Tenerife by bike is a special pleasure, for the features of the relief the island is very fond of athletes. The most prepared in the rental centers will offer mountain transport. For trips around the city, you can take a regular bike. The rental price, depending on the purpose of the walk, is 8-30 EUR per day. Scooter and motorcycle rental is also available in Tenerife. Segway ride costs from 15 to 60 EUR.

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