When Our Local Community is in Need, We’re Here.

September 13, 2023 10:10 am

A recent report by payment network doxoINSIGHTS shows that the average American household pays 35 percent of its income on the most important bills. These include mortgage and rent payments, utility bills, insurance costs, car payments, phone bills, and other monthly costs, according to a Patch report.

This averages out to $24,557 per year nationally, Doxo’s analysis found – but analysts say the percentage of household income “provides a more proportional look at bill spending in a particular location.”

Doxo found that New Jersey residents live in the third-most expensive states for household bills, but the Garden State is at the national average (35 percent) when it comes to the percentage share of how much money goes to bills.

In actuality, New Jersey is towards the end of the list, if you rank states based on that metric – coming in at No. 36.

Doxo reported that each year, Garden State residents spend $32,722 on bills, and have an average household income of $92,374.

However where does that leave the under-employed, unemployed, the disabled, as well as senior citizens and veterans on fixed incomes, and single parents in New Jersey who have considerably less household income? They’re the ones struggling to make monthly bill payments and have very little funds left over to afford basic needs.

We see these community members every day and, thankfully, because of their generous neighbors, Lunch Break can provide food security and housing assistance for today, while offering life skills and employment coaching, financial and budget counseling to give our neighbors hope for a brighter tomorrow. We’ve helped to stabilize individuals and families so they can move forward in their education and employment goals. When you need us — we’re here.

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