Lunch Break’s Nutrition Initiative

Inspired by the development of our Nutrition Policy in 2021, we have a renewed focus on breaking the cycle of poverty and food insecurity by increasing our procurement of nutritious foods.

Pantry clients are often forced to choose nutrient-poor foods rather than healthier foods. As a result, food-insecure households suffer disproportionately from higher rates of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other diet-related chronic diseases. Health issues compound financial issues thereby perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

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How Does Food Insecurity Impact Health?

Unhealthy diets amplify the negative outcomes experienced by food insecure individuals.
The combination of an unhealthy diet and food insecurity leads to:


How You Can Help!

Interested in Becoming a Partner?

Becoming a partner lets the community know you are committed to the fight against nutrition insecurity. Feeding people is not enough, we must also nourish them. Nourished people create communities that flourish and thrive!

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When we nourish our community, we all prosper.
Please join our efforts!