An old black and white picture of the founding members of Lunch Break


A History of Lunch Break

An old black and white picture of the St. Thomas Church

Red Bank, NJ - 1983

In 1983, Norma Todd and the founding members of Lunch Break envisioned a compassionate community where members are cared for, nourished in both body and soul. Their mission began with addressing hunger among those struggling to make ends meet, offering immediate assistance while fostering hope for a brighter future. Since then, Lunch Break has grown beyond its origins as a provider of hot meals and food supplies, building upon its legacy.

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Decades of Dedication

Today, decades later, Lunch Break remains committed to supporting individuals and families in Monmouth County and beyond, offering essential resources such as food, clothing, life skills, and camaraderie to those facing financial insecurity. Through the dedicated efforts of over 2,000 volunteers and the generosity of donors from various sectors, we have expanded our programs to encompass feeding, clothing, outreach, mentoring, and social services.

A group of people standing together in a room

To the Future

None of this would be possible without the generous contributions from supporters like you. Together, we continue to combat poverty, hunger, and isolation, forging a stronger, more compassionate community. Thank you for being our valued partner in this journey of community building.