About Us

Lunch Break History

Norma ToddIn 1983, Norma Todd and the founding members of Lunch Break had a vision of a caring community — one in which its members are looked after, fed, and nurtured in soul and body. Working to alleviate hunger for underemployed people struggling to make ends meet, Lunch Break began offering individuals and families the assistance they needed for today, with the hope for a better tomorrow. Since then, we have evolved into much more than a place for a hot lunch and a food pantry, improving on Lunch Break’s legacy.

Decades later, Lunch Break continues to provide life’s basic necessities of food, clothing, life skills and fellowship to the financially insecure individuals and families in Monmouth County and beyond. Over the years, through the support of individual donors, foundations, the corporate and business communities and a network of more than 2,000 volunteers, we have expanded our feeding, clothing, outreach, mentoring, and social service programs. We offer hope through our Life Skills Program, a job readiness initiative that helps clients gain the skills and tools necessary for self-sustainability.

It is because of YOUR generous donations, we have been able to help our neighbors who experience poverty, hunger and isolation. restoring their dignity. Thank you for being our partner in community building.

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Mission Statement


As a caring community, Lunch Break freely provides food, clothing, life skills and fellowship to those in need in Monmouth County and beyond.


We strive to break the cycle of poverty for those we serve and guide our community members in need to self-sufficiency and healthier, more productive lifestyles. 


We serve everyone with compassion and dignity. 


“Your kindness may seem simple to you, but it means everything to me.” Jane- Lunch Break Guest



Gwendolyn Love
Executive Director

Milagros (Millie) Jeter
Director of Administration

Tyrone Burr
Director Of Culinary Operations

Kevin McGee
Director of Operations

Sharda Jetwani Love
Program Director

Jill Gwydir-Govel
Development & Communications Manager

2020 Lunch Break Staff

Board of Trustees

Juanita Lewis

Robin Klein
Vice President

Steven Haugenes

Nancy Karpf

Kevin Asadi

Michael Bagnell

Rick Brodsky

Kevin Chieff

Eric Gatti

Christina Jordan

“B” Carr Mahon

Brian McEvily

Mychal Mills

Trudy Parton

Carol A. Penn, D.O.

Tina Pflaster

Stephen Reinhard

Daiana Rios

Neelam Sharma

Jessica Stepanski

Tracey Stewart

Michael A. Wright

Mark Zill


Gwendolyn O. Love
Executive Director



Michael A. Wright, Chair

Mark Brahney, Vice Chair

Gwendolyn Love, Secretary

Christopher Brett

Kristi Bridges

Mary Burke

Memone Crystian

Dyese Davis

Warren Diamond

Bonnie Featherstone-Johnson

Nancy Gill

Andrea Guttadauro Angioletti

Paul Hooker

Daryl Hughes

John Klein

Rabbi Marc Kline

Marshall Knopf

Joseph Kyrillos

Abe Littenberg

Maureen Lloyd

Carol Stillwell