Become A Fundraising Ambassador

Become A Fundraising Ambassador

Looking for a creative way to support Lunch Break? Look no further! Become a Lunch Break Fundraising Ambassador!

Donate Your Birthday!

Ask your loved ones to make a donation in your honor for your special occasion (birthday, Mother's Day, holidays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Confirmation or Communion).

Donate Your Birthday

Party Time!

Throw a dinner party! Ask guests to donate to Lunch Break instead of bringing a gift or wine! We can create a custom fundraising page for you!

Dinner Spread

Shop Small, Help BIG!

Are you a regular at your local coffee shop, deli, or restaurant? Ask the owner if they'd be willing to donate a small percentage of profits from one night to Lunch Break.

Coffee House

Double Your Impact!

Ask your employer if they match donations. Many companies will match a portion of your monetary donations.

Double Gifts

Create A Fundraiser!

Create a Facebook / Instagram Fundraiser, GoFundMe, or ask us to create a custom Lunch Break fundraising page for you!

Lemonade Stand

Get Creative And Pitch Us Another Idea!

Get Creative and pitch us another idea you come up with.

Painter Painting

For questions or more information, please contact Caitlin McGarry at or call 732-747-8577 × 3106